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   Quality solutions for home users and businesses at cost efficient prices with a quick response
   to customers needs, Specializing in Computers Parts & Repairs.  Onsite support, Assembly of
   Computer Systems,  Hardware Upgrades,  Internet Setups & Subscription,  Wired & Wireless
   Networks, Data Transfers & Backups,  Virus, Spyware Detection & Removals and much more! 





  - System tune-ups & Cleanups from basic troubleshooting conflicts to system failure,
and repair. System optimization increases system speed and efficiency, reducing conflicts
  by keeping your system stable and free from annoying lock-ups and freezes. Servicing  such as
  HardDisk Defragmentation, Registry & Browser Cleaning, Spyware Scans or even Hardware Cleaning
  are some common forms of pc maintenance. 





  - Increase your pc's performance by upgrading your components instead of buying a
  new System
. Hardware Upgrades consist of hardware that is newer & more powerful in order to
  meet today's growing demand for a faster pc. Do you need more memory or a cpu that requires
  upgrading, a bigger hardisk or even a dvd Writer, most cases it's possible to get more performance
  out of your pc than you might think


 Data-Recovery / Backups & TransferManual or scheduled backups of critical data, from single
  files to whole operating systems, Data recovery, Backup & Transfers are some of the services we
  offer to customers. We provide solutions for data backup in order to prevent it from going missing due
  to a system crash, a virus or even hardware failure. Backups can be scheduled automatically or even
  done manually in order to keep data safe. File transfer is another common task in today's computer
  world. If you  bought a new pc and want your old files transferred onto it, we can do this for you. If
  your pc has become inaccessible due to file corruption, viruses, spyware ect...  we can provide a
  Data recovery solution.


Formats & Software Installations    -  When your last option is to Format a hard drive and erase
  all data on it due to an unstable system that refuses to operate normally, this procedure is
  known as formatting the hard drive. During this process hard disks are checked to make sure
  all sectors are reliable. Starting by deleting all data, creating a new partition, format and checking
  for bad sectors and finally reinstalling the operating system. In some cases a repair install may be
  performed instead of a format but is not always 100% successful.





 AntiVirus  Protection  - Viruses and Spyware are two kinds of malicious software that you
  need to protect your computer against. You need antivirus software to help prevent viruses
  and you need to keep it regularly updated. A firewall helps protect your computer from hackers
  who might try to delete information crash your computer or even steal your passwords. New
  viruses are found roaming the internet on a daily basis.  We provide Antivirus software that
  protects your pc and allows you to securely and freely browse the internet.  Our packages
  include top rated Antivirus Software, with fast scan times, high detection & lite a footprint.
  We also provide Professional Firewall and Spam mail Protection.  >> Link
  Malware Solutions
Is your pc infected in such a way that you can't even boot into windows?
  If it is we have a solution for you. Using advanced anti-Malware techniques
  there's a good chance your pc can be recovered and brought back to a normal 
  state, clean, virus free and without loosing your data.


Intel  & AMD Systems   -   We build and configure computer systems from scratch and stock
  genuine parts by branded manufacturers. Assembly & Delivery of computer systems can usually
  be effected within 24 hours from the order time. They carry a 2 year full system warranty and a
  lifetime warranty on labor. Please phone or email us for any enquiries. 
Email:       TEL:  21 381405        MOB:   99408012



Networks & Internet  -  Connect your computer to the internet, need advice about choosing
  the right ISP, connect one computer to another or share an existing internet connection
  with the computers on your network, share your files and printer with your network.
  Wireless Internet
setups & configuration. LAN & WAN Administration and security.